by A-natural

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released July 15, 2014

Executive Producer: A-natural
Creative Director: Lenny Harold for Drink Up The Music, Inc.
Management: Brian Miller/Brandworks, USA



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A-natural New Jersey

A-natural is the anomaly to the music industry. This is the clearest way to describe his fit in today’s music scene. Not yet a household name, but a burgeoning force to be reckoned with, he seems to continue forging a path toward a solid seat amongst the industry’s finest...

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Track Name: MACFAC
Look how you've come so far
From where you started from
Will you be landing?
Lover's heart, but strong enough to start
Revival or a spark
Of understanding

Do you know where all the flowers grow
Or ways the wind may blow?
Are you so naturally inclined to tell me so
The truth and nothing more?
Or does another know a better way?

Many are called, few are chosen
Earthly wisdom, you gets no token
Many are called, but most are broken
Give love and hope, then
Your heart will open

No,don't say to much
Your heart will open
The truth is just enough
Your heart will open
Careful with the brush
Your heart will open
Is what you paint a must?
Your heart will open
Track Name: Wholesale feat. Dean Marten
Intro: I told her I could make her be a star
She told me that she already are
Been there, done that, what's next
Told her I'm just here to help her be the best
She said, "Nevermind that. Just gimme hot tracks
And never question where my loyalties reside at.
I owe you on the next go 'round."
The next time I seen her she was selling my sound...short.

Verse 1: Mirrors telling stories, some true, and some lies
And nothing else can clear it up, oh
Staring at me is a boy who's lost but still fights
You can see it there in his eyes
That he tries everything he can do
To make em all happy, yeah
Could it be for nothing?
Tell me what is the whole world worth
For the price of his heart
Just to get back nothing?

Hook: A penny for your feelings, a dime for your thoughts
What's the going rate for a work of art?
Or should we even haggle over stupid shit?
Customer is always right so I plead the fifth

Verse 2: Never retribution, always met with a fist
Or at least a foot put down on dreams
Never one complacent, I sneak around so the mirror wouldn't see
A temporary freedom, oh, I tried...
To make a way of escape, beating down an unfinished path
Just to find some value in this game
Enough to see the prize within my grasp
Just to get back nothing, yo...


Rap: I told her I could give her money or I could paint a Picasso
Ha, she chose the money
Dollars equals happiness, what's the point of haggling
If I'm the one that's passionate and you the one that's crashing it
Our first date I realized you could never love me
I'm into giving art and you was into taking from me
I thought if I could build your self-esteem that you would give me everything I ever dreamed
Turns out that I'm hopeless
Like a penny with a hole in it
Game with no soul in it
I had to turn around, lookin in the mirror
Staring at the real truth
Tomorrow never lies, what I spit is real truth
I was once told the game is to be sold, never told
Now I'm gettin old tryna chase these fuckin goals
Is it really that precious?
Are we really that reckless?
Track Name: The Great Depression
Tell me tales of better days
Cuz it might help this liquor go down
Splash me when you drive by in the rain
Can you hear my cries when it's pourin so loud?
Can't keep dry when ya drenched in lies
No wonder I was ready to say goodbye

Started off fine didn't feel no buzz
Three quarters of the way wasn't enough
Wish I had some pills to go with this drink
What you think?

Sacrificial wishes laid out all across the floor
Assuming the position that I couldn't take no more
Erasing all the memory of the days that passed before
What about the bottle?
What about the bottle?
What about the bottle?
What about the bottle?
Track Name: Ultimatum
Verse 1: I'm telling you this is it, one last time
That we're gonna kiss messing up hearts and minds
Cuz we got a history of fire between you and me
And we might as well put these flames before we both burn out
So let's do it and get it over with
Whatever happens, is what's happening
Ain't like you never really wanted it
So just please don't make me beg for it baby

B Section: It's real simple like connect-the-dots
Do you wanna do it, tell me yes or not
Teasin ain't believin, it just gets me hot
What you sittin mad for? Check the box!
Everybody think we rockin' anyway
They just waitin til we say officially
I don't mean to put the pressure on ya babe
But ya gotta tell me babe

Hook: Don't you wanna (4x) LOVE ME!
Don't you wanna (3x)

Verse 2: These blurred lines keep getting crossed all the time
And I don't know if it's these parties or the wine
But a drunk mouth speaks a sober heart
And I can only finish what you start
I gotta know if ya serious
And if you're not then baby please speak up
Cuz you keep making me want you so bad
But I don't wanna mess up what we had

B Section

Bridge: I'm so tired can I just lay witcha
Go to bed sleep witcha, take a load off
Wake up witcha, take a instagram picture
Love and breakfast in the kitchen witcha clothes off

Track Name: Clear History
Verse 1: So many years I been waiting for you
And so many tears I cried blaming you
And so many times I tried erasing you
But you never seem to be clear from view

B Section: Scroll up and down, click all around
Just a few words, never profound
Never my type, they're not like you

Hook: Then I found you and everything in my site just turned to white
Then I found you and everything in my life became alright

Verse 2: Nobody gets me the way that you do
But nobody makes me as mad as you do
And no, I won't be satisfied with some of you
You better know I'll give me all just to have all of you

B Section
Clearing History...Clearing Cache...Deleting Cookies...

Hook 2x
Track Name: Introductions
Verse 1: Girl just throw it back, I'll get in position
Let my nigga handle dat, he's qualified for the mission
Open up your mind, and understand the diction
And baby when it's time, we could switch positions

B Sec: Ain't you ever had a best friend that you cared about
Do anything for 'em, no matter, without a doubt
See all that I'm tryna do is make sure you're down
Don't worry it's only this time, we gon ride it out

Hook: Baby, meet my nigga...nigga...Nigga, meet my baby
Baby, meet my nigga...nigga...Nigga, meet my baby
This right here my nigga, we go way back since that kindergarten
Nigga, this is my baby, be gentle with that trigga

Ride: Everybody know everybody, what's up
Everybody seen everybody, so what?
Everybody feelin' everybody, let's cut
Everybody lovin' everybody, let's fuck

Verse 2: Ay bruh, don't be scared, it's experimental
Run your fingers through her hair, while I'll explore your mentals
We can share and share alike, if that's what you be into
Have our cake and eat it right, sit back and let us treat you

B Section

Bridge: What you want, nigga I got it
What you need, baby girl I got it
It's just one of them days, when I feel some kinda way
I know it's kinda strange, but it's gon' be okay